Where You Should Go,To Know About Steel?

To learn the best practices and cutting-edge technological advancements in steel manufacturing, here are the following books industry professionals, academics and subject experts refer to. It is imperative to note that the following books are also recommended by several steel industry publications and associations. 

Steel Design – William Segui

Steel Design by William Segui is a book thats primarily focused on the design of members and their connections. This books gives the reader and opportunity to learn both Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) or Allowable Stress DEsign (ASD). this book also fundamentally equips readers with thorough knowledge of design procedures, both through theory and practical design applications. Although the book is primiarily adised to junior and senior level engineering students, it is also actively used by practicing engineers as a reference tool for reviwing the best practices. 

Structural Steel Design – J.C. McCormac, S.F. Csernak

Structural Steel Design is a fairly fundamental book for students who are just starting the study of structural steel design.  Due to its practical approach to the fundamentals of desgining steel strctures, the book is not only relevant to civil engineers but also for the field of architecture and building science. Furthermore, this edition of the book is aligned to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) resources; based on the 2016 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC 360-16). Along with it, it also refers to AISC Steel Construction Manual which was published in 2017. 

Ductile Design of Steel Structures – Michel Bruneau, Chia-Ming Uang & Rafael Sabelli 

Ductile Design of Steel Structures by the above-mentioned authors primarily focuses on the steel material, cross-section, component and system response for applications in plastic and seismic design. To build up on the theory, the book also provides practical guidance on how to apply those principles. As effective as it can be, the end of every chapter presents the reader with self-study problems so that their understanding can be consolidated. Most importantly, it is written by practising earthquake-resistant design experts, thus, the information provided in the book is invaluable for earthquake engineering, design and analysis of structures. 

Unified Design of Steel Structures – Lou Geschwindner, Judy Liu & Charlie Carter 

As expected, Unified Design of Steel Structures is a book that discusses the topics addressed in the other books too. However, the other subjects include principles of limit states design; load factors, resistance factors, and safety factors, etc. Uniquely, the book also has multi-chapter problems which can make readers think comprehensively and learn effectively. 

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